Bunny Rogers, "Awareness Brick" Gift Basket, 2020

Exclusive special editions for Kunsthaus Bregenz are produced in close collaboration with the artist and their chosen materials.

Bunny Rogers has created ten memorial baskets – adorned with bows and such commemorative objects as stones from a house, necklaces, and hearts – as a limited edition for Kunsthaus Bregenz. For Gift Baskets, the artist alludes to the ritual customary in America of bringing personally assembled funeral gift baskets to memorial services. The baskets individually conceived by Bunny Rogers ­– each one unique – represent the subject matter of the exhibition Kind Kingdom in symbols of loving, respectful mourning, and remembrance.

Limited edition of 10 copies
€ 3,000–5,900 including 5 % VAT, excluding shipping, packing costs, and custom duties



Kontakt: Caroline Schneider-Dürr

T: +43-5574-48594-444

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