Mika Rottenberg – Publication

In her improvised architectures frequently revolving around a video installation, the Israeli artist Mika Rottenberg explores the absurdities of modern production processes. Using found items and objects, she creates surreal scenographies that compel visitors to more closely examine mechanisms of global distribution from an absurdly voyeuristic perspective.

The publication is intended as an artist’s book designed in close cooperation with Mika Rottenberg herself. Britta Peters, Angela Dimitrakaki, Fanni Fetzer, Nicole Scheyerer, and Thomas D. Trummer will be addressing the artist’s distinctive approach from differing perspectives, focusing on the elucidation of the concept underlying the installations on display at Kunsthaus Bregenz.


Edited by Thomas D. Trummer, Kunsthaus Bregenz
Graphic design: kühler und mozer, Cologne
Essays by Fanni Fetzer, Angela Dimitrakaki, Britta Peters, Nicole Scheyerer and Thomas D. Trummer
German / English,
Softcover, 21 x 26.5 cm, 188 pages
September 2018



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