Jeff Wall – Tableaux Pictures – Photographs 1996–2013

Jeff Wall does not photograph scenes he may observe by chance in the moment of experiencing them, it is only later that he reconstructs and composes such moments under controlled conditions, and in doing so frequently transforms them. In this manner the Canadian photographer compresses apparently everyday situations into multi-layered imagery of universal significance. His subject matter ranges from human relationships and social issues to the artificiality of their staging. The catalogue, produced in close collaboration with Jeff Wall, gathers essays by the internationally renowned curators and authors Hripsimé Visser, Camiel van Winkel, and Yilmaz Dziewior into a definitive examination of Jeff Walls oeuvre. All the works in the exhibition, whose apparent realism lends the imagery a magical presence, are represented in large-scale reproductions.

Edited by Kunsthaus Bregenz, Yilmaz Dziewior; Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Hripsimé Visser
Essays by Hripsimé Visser, Camiel van Winkel as well as a conversation between Yilmaz Dziewior and Jeff Wall
Graphic design by Martha Stutteregger, Vienna
German and English edition
Hardcover clothbound, 25.5 x 29.5 cm, 140 pages
March 2014

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