Peter Fischli – Publication

Questions of what is real and what is a replica, what is explicit and what remains concealed, which Peter Fischli dissects in various media: sculpture, video, photography, and installation probe the essence of the authentic and counterfeit image, laconically appropriating the familiar and alienating it. The exhibition catalogue assembles essays by various authors addressing all the series of works, Thomas D. Trummer expounds on Fischli’s invariably humorous way of working, focusing in particular on his concept for the exhibition at Kunsthaus Bregenz. The publication is designed as an artist’s book by Peter Fischli himself.


Edited by Thomas D. Trummer, Kunsthaus Bregenz
Graphic Design: David Fischli with Teo Schifferli
Texts by Peter Fischli, Rosa Aiello, Daniel Baumann, Bice Curiger, Eva Fabbris, Arthur Fink, Cara Manes, Mark Godfrey, Valentin Groebner, John Kelsey, Charlotte Matter, Kaspar Müller, Andreas Selg, Thomas D. Trummer Stanislaus von Moos, Katrin Wiethege und Stefan Zweifel
German / English
Softcover, 20 x 23,30 cm, 464 pages
Date of publication: December 2020


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