Thomas Schütte – Publication

The sculptor Thomas Schütte’s oeuvre is distinguished by great diversity, encompassing such heavy figurative bronze sculptures as Man With Flag, wood and Plexiglas models for Ferienhäuser, a series of watercolors that portrays American blues greats, as well as glazed ceramic objects. This wide range of motifs and materials along with the ruptures in his work that humorously refuse any stylistic classification are confronted in essays by Dieter Schwarz and Thomas D. Trummer. In her essay, Julia Wallner specifically addresses the figurative sculptures together with Schütte’s role in the discourse on figuration and abstraction. 


Edited by Thomas D. Trummer, Kunsthaus Bregenz
Essays by Thomas D. Trummer, Dieter Schwarz, and Julia Wallner
Graphic design: Peter Nils Dorén
German | English
Hardcover, 23.5 × 29 cm, 176 pages
Date of publication: November 2019


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