Knebl & Scheirl - Publication

In eccentric installations, Jakob Lena Knebl and Ashley Hans Scheirl transforming the exhibition spaces into atmospheric, anarchically humorous stages. The two artists defy any conventional categorization, satirizing the mechanisms of art production. Four individual booklets, compiled into a catalogue, adopt the exhibition’s dramaturgy, whereby the artists utilize two floors together and one each alone. Essays by Thomas D. Trummer and other authors consider the artist duo’s conceptual background. Generous reproductions document the works that have been especially produced for Kunsthaus Bregenz.


Edited by Thomas D. Trummer, Kunsthaus Bregenz
Essays by von Yilmaz Dziewior, Eva Fabbris, Nicole Scheyerer, Monic Titton and Thomas D. Trummer
Graphic design: Alexander Nussbaumer
German | English
Softcover, 22 x 20.5 cm, 192 pages, 4 foldouts
Date of publication: September 2021


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