Anna Boghiguian - Period of Change

Anna Boghiguian’s multifaceted works possess a great poetic power and an unmistakable literary sensitivity: “Everything Boghiguian makes is a book, whether it looks like a book or not,” wrote Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev. Since the 1980s, the artist has created more than 70 artist’s books filled with her drawings, paintings, and manuscripts. To accompany her solo exhibition Period of Change at Kunsthaus Bregenz (October 22, 2022 – February 19, 2023), a sensitively designed book has likewise been created bearing Boghiguian’s signature style and adopting the unique form and language of her works, both in terms of approach to materials and its graphic implementation.

In a dense documentation of the work, juxtaposed with installation views and pages of the artist’s handwritten manuscripts, the publication which is rich in imagery provides a guide through the individual floors of the exhibition, enabling the reader to immerse themselves in Boghiguian’s artistic cosmos. A series of 96 drawings that the artist created in Versailles, Berlin, and Bregenz especially for the exhibition provide the centerpiece. Large-format reproductions of the works have been arranged to form a visually compelling, narrative sequence of imagery.

The works collected in the publication thematically confront revolutions, social uprisings, and historical changes. The past and its major global political developments are made all the more relevant for the present – the here and now.In a comprehensive discussion with KUB director Thomas D. Trummer, Anna Boghiguian expounds on the processes involved in creating the exhibition and its key subject matter. A text authored by the artist herself condenses the themes and thoughts that have flowed into her works.

The publication Period of Change, accompanying Anna Boghiguian’s solo exhibition at Kunsthaus Bregenz, has been created in close collaboration with the artist. Her participation in the Kunsthaus exhibition Otobong Nkanka & Anna Boghiguian in Venice in 2022 is also extensively covered, in the form of a brochure that is included with the book.


Edited by Thomas D. Trummer, Kunsthaus Bregenz
Including texts by Anna Boghiguian and a discussion between Thomas D. Trummer and the artist (supplementary brochure: including a text by Thomas D. Trummer as well as a conversation between Anna Boghiguian, Otobong Nkanga and Thomas D. Trummer)
Graphic design: Hug & Eberlein, Leipzig
English / German
21 × 28 cm
208 pages (supplementary brochure: 28 pages)