Anna Jermolaewa – Chernobyl Safari 15/09/2021, 2023

Anna Jermolaewa’s edition for the Kunsthaus Bregenz is a photograph from her series Chernobyl Safari, of 2014–23, which is in the Kunsthaus Bregenz collection. Chernobyl Safari depicts wildlife in the Chernobly Exclusion Zone. Since the population was evacuated from the zone in 1986 and no one has disturbed the habitat of the animals since then, the wildlife in the region thrives despite being permanently exposed to high levels of radiation. Jermolaewa went on a “safari” in the exclusion zone in 2014 and again in 2021, installing occasional photo and video “traps.” During the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the exclusion zone became a war zone in 2022. Recently, the artist succeeded in recovering some of the imagery recorded by the cameras there in February and March 2022. These recent recordings are on display in Bregenz for the first time.

Anna Jermolaewa
Chernobyl Safari 15/09/2021, 2023
From the installation Chernobyl Safari, 2014/23
35,2 × 57 cm auf DIN A2, Fine art pigment print on
Hahnemühle FineArt Baryta
25 copies + 5 AP


Contact: Caroline Schneider-Dürr
T: +43-5574-48594-444