Raphaela Vogel - In festen Händen V

Exclusive special editions for Kunsthaus Bregenz are a result of close collaboration with artists and their production processes.

“Artists and animals have one thing in common. In order to find their bearings and survive, they have to constantly define, mark, celebrate, and expand their territory, and in doing so perform, employing gestures, line, color, posture, and smells. Art is therefore frequently less about expression and more self-defense. The snake and the lion represent long since established, but ambivalent, symbols of such activities (one is cunning, devious, and unpredictable; the other violent, majestic, superior, but nevertheless dangerous). They have become avatars for the human (artistic) within the animal kingdom and for a particularly felicitous, admirable animal-like quality within the human realm. In festen Händen V takes the prescribing of such meanings as its point of departure, considering, examining, and ultimately reformulating it not only as a postanthropological question but also one of gender politics: who is it who seeks to defend, limit, or open something up, and how?”

Raphaela Vogel


Polyurethane elastomer, 30 x 20 x 20 cm
Limited edition of 25 copies
Including a certificate, signed and numbered
€ 2,400 incl. 5 % VAT, excl. postage and packing, as well as customs duties



Contact: Caroline Schneider-Dürr

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