Tacita Dean Antigone (Bregenz edition), 2018

Hand printed colour photograph from two negatives on Fuji Pearl paper, 24.5 x 57.5 cm Limited edition of 25 copies + 5 A.P., signed and numbered

Exclusive special editions for Kunsthaus Bregenz are produced in close collaboration with the artist and their chosen materials.

Tacita Dean’s limited edition for Kunsthaus Bregenz consists of a colour photograph made from two separate negatives, which show a doubling of the mythical moment of the moon passing across the sun during an eclipse just before and after totality. The single piece of photographic paper has been exposed with two negatives mirroring the distinctive process, which Tacita Dean adopts in FILM and Antigone, where different images are exposed through masking on different parts of the photochemical film frame.

€ 4,000 incl. 5 % VAT, plus postage, packaging, and custom duties


Contact: Caroline Schneider-Dürr

T: +43-5574-48594-444