Edition Anna Boghiguian (Zeichnungen auf Papier)

Anna Boghiguian created a series of over one hundred drawings on-site in Bregenz for her KUB exhibition. They are on view on the institutions third floor. Boghiguian’s painting style recalls that of Honoré Daumier or the expressive gestures of James Ensor. Several of her sheets show the contrast between political leaders and the people at their mercy. From this series, the artist selected ten unique pieces, that are now exclusively available at Kunsthaus Bregenz.


Anna Boghiguian
Untitled, 2022
Drawing on paper,
approx. 62 × 48 cm
10 unique pieces, signed
€ 7,000 incl. 10 % vat, excluding
shipping and packaging costs,
and custom duties


Contact: Caroline Schneider-Dürr
T: +43-5574-48594-444