Gerold Wiederin, Helmut Federle – Nachtwallfahrtskapelle Locherboden

»The most spectacular part« of the chapel Maria Locherboden, located near Innsbruck, are the glass pieces which glow in all colors, through which the light which enters is »heavy and dark«, as if »out of the earth’s interior, out of a cave or a tunnel« (Jacques Herzog). Piled loosely on top of one another and held together merely by iron bars, they break up the rear wall of the building which the architect Gerold Wiederin in collaboration with the artist Helmut federal designed as meeting place for nocturnal Marian pilgrimages. The volume is an introduction to the religious character of Gerold Wiederin’s first work, and discusses how religious themes and symbols – birth, rebirth, cross and light – are transformed in the architecture.

Edited by Kunsthaus Bregenz, Edelbert Köb, and archiv kunst architektur
Text by Johannes Gachnang, photo essay by Christian Kerez
Graphic design by Büro für konkrete Gestaltung, Clemens Schedler
German / English
Softcover with flaps, 16.4 x 20.2 cm, 79 pages
December 1997