Walter Pichler – Halle in Syros

Syros — main island of the Cyclades. Hermopolis, modest capital of a humble island. The landscape is hilly, barren and dry. This soft, mountainous, reddish-brown piece of earth is covered with hundreds of intersecting lines: they are walls, laboriously combined by human hands. Walter Pichler and Michel Würthle managed to create an idealist-archaic-reduced house in a beautiful place, which does undogmatic and unedited service without having a task (Vera Purtscher).

Edited by Kunsthaus Bregenz, Edelbert Köb, and archiv kunst architektur
Texts by Vera Purtscher, Michel Würthle and Walter Pichler, photo essay by Elfi Tripamer
Graphic design by Walter Pichler
Softcover with flaps, 17 x 20 cm, 56 pages