Gunter Wratzfeld, Willi Kopf – Kindergarten Koblach

Vorarlberg is the smallest of Austria’s federal states. The »Ländle« has on the one hand a strong farming tradition – and along with it a historically grown consciousness of autonomy, self-determination and self-administration. On the other hand, industrialization started early, in particular in the textile sector, linked to international capital and trade connections. With this background and the pragmatic mentality, the concepts as well as the successes of the committed architects seem  almost compulsory, and yet this was all but evident (Otto Kapfinger).

Edited by Kunsthaus Bregenz, Edelbert Köb, and archiv kunst architektur
Texts by Otto Kapfinger and Matthias Boeckl, photo essay by Margherita Spiluttini
Graphic design by Büro für konkrete Gestaltung, Clemens Schedler
German / English
Softcover, 16.4 x 20.2 cm, 75 pages
June 1999

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